Frequently Asked City Bus Questions

Q:  How/who qualifies for a yearly city bus pass?

A:  High school and middle school students qualify for a city bus pass when they live more than 2 miles from their district boundary school and are in the area where a city bus provides transportation to that boundary school.  Some students who live less than 2 miles from school but may have to cross an unusual hazard may qualify for a bus pass as well.  Yearly district passes provided by the district have no charge on them as the district is paying for them. You can check the distance from your home to the child’s school by using Google Maps (make sure it is set up for walking directions and go based off the shortest route to the school).

Q: What if my student doesn’t qualify for a city bus pass?

A:  Students who do not qualify for a city bus pass can purchase a student discounted monthly bus pass at the student’s schools main office or at the customer counter of any local grocery store.

Q: What is the cost of a student pass?

A: The current discounted monthly pass is sold at $45.00 per month.

Q:  How do I get the bus pass if my student does qualify for a yearly bus pass?

A:  Passes are sent to the schools’ main office to be distributed.  Have your child check the main office of their school for the pass.

Q:  What if the school doesn’t have a pass for my student?

A:  The school can check with the transportation office to see if the student qualifies for a bus pass or call the transportation office directly to check at 359-6391.

Q: What do I do if my child loses the yearly city bus pass?

A: Students who lose the yearly city bus pass can go directly to their schools’ main office and tell them they need a replacement or the student/parent can come to the transportation office at 3600 52nd Street in the Education Support Building for the replacement.  (Note when using the school for the replacement if may take 2 to 3 days).

Q: Is there a cost for a lost yearly bus pass?

A: Yes, there is a $2.00 charge each time the yearly pass is replaced.

Q: What if my student loses a monthly pass?

A:  You will have to contact the city directly to see it they will replace that pass.  You can contact them at 653-4287.