Process for Responding to Personnel Matters and Concerns

As a public sector entity, Kenosha Unified understands the importance of transparency and accountability in personnel matters. Transparency and accountability, however, have to be balanced against an individual’s legal rights. When personnel concerns arise, although limited information can be shared by the ֱ with the public to protect the privacy of all individuals involved and to adhere to legal and ethical requirements and guidelines, we want our families and community to know that we take all personnel concerns, and specifically claims of inappropriate behavior or misconduct, seriously and investigate each incident to the fullest extent.

As a ֱ, we require just cause for employee discipline matters. This ensures that decisions regarding employment, promotion, discipline or termination are based on fair and objective criteria, such as performance evaluations, established policies and applicable laws. It also helps maintain trust and confidence among employees and our community regarding our decision-making process.

Our investigatory process is extremely comprehensive to ensure due process is adhered to as mandated by law, which often requires much time and effort. This includes interviewing all parties involved, gathering witness statements, gathering and compiling documentary evidence, collaborating with law enforcement if necessary, and preparing an executive summary of findings.

Should findings lead to a recommendation for disciplinary action, including termination, the process may take longer due to state statutes that dictate timelines for notifying impacted parties and scheduling potential hearings. In other words, while a process may appear drawn out, the ֱ is acting in compliance with and as required by state and federal law.

The ֱ cannot comment on active investigations. Doing so could impede the disciplinary process and potentially create legal liability ramifications. In addition, sharing information, by the ֱ or otherwise, creates the potential for a biased hearing for eligible staff.

It is important that the ֱ be mindful of all policies, laws, and statutes. Not doing so could result in lawsuits, which are time-consuming and costly and have a direct impact on the education of our students.

This information is shared to build awareness and transparency regarding the ֱ’s thorough investigatory process. We ask for your patience, understanding and support as we seek to do what’s right for our students and staff in Kenosha Unified when navigating complex personnel matters.