Rental Permits / Reservations

ֱ operates 37 school buildings (four high schools, five middle schools, 21 elementary schools, 10 charter/specialty schools), three football stadiums, and three varsity baseball/softball fields.

ֱ facilities are available for rent to individuals and community organizations, year-round, depending upon availability after use by school functions. Typical areas available for use include athletic fields, auditoriums, cafeterias, gymnasiums, pools, classrooms, and stadiums.  All facility use requests are completed online. Paper requests will not be accepted.

***NEW RENTAL PERMIT/RESERVATION REQUEST SYSTEM:  Our district is now using the new Facility Manager Pro system to reserve district facilities.  Any requests submitted on the previous system (i.e., SchoolDude) will be transferred over to the new system.

How to Rent a Facility:

Requestors no longer need to login or setup an account to submit rental permit/reservation requests; however, an e-mail address will be required in order to receive confirmation and status updates on requests.

  1. Click on the following link to request use of district facilities:
    • How-to Videos:
  2. Submit the $25 Permit Fee & Proof of Insurance to the building that you have submitted a request for. Your request will not be processed until these items have been received
  3. You will receive an email regarding the status of your request. If you have any questions regarding the status of your request, please contact the school’s main office directly.

Permit requests are on a first come, first serve basis to the public. Permits may be denied or cancelled in the event a ֱ school group/activity needs the room in which you booked. If you have any specific questions about the space needed (i.e. square footage, capacity, etc.), please contact the school’s main office.

Rental Fees, Regulations & Insurance Requirements:

It is the responsibility of the requester to read and be familiar with the Rental Fees, General Conditions & Additional Regulations pertaining to the type of facility rented.  Applicable fees will be invoiced after a rental has taken place.