Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) Awareness Campaigns

In partnership, ֱ collaborates with the Greater Kenosha Community Alcohol and Other Drugs Awareness Committee to improve and support the safety, health, well-being, and positive development of its students. The program strengthens alcohol and other drugs prevention strategies and intervention related issues, provides anti-bullying/harassment training, support for violence prevention resources, peer-to-peer student initiatives that build and strengthen , school safety equipment, and parent education and leadership development programs through the Kenosha Parent Network.

Greater Kenosha Community Alcohol and Other Drugs Awareness Committee

  • Contests: The committee annually sponsors an array of contests that focus on promoting alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse (ATODA) prevention awareness. Contests include slogan, poster, creative writing, and a special program award.
  • Special Project Award: All schools can apply for an award to implement a special program and/or project that will have a lasting impact on and education of children and youth regarding the effects of ATODA.
  • High School Scholarship: A $500 scholarship is awarded to a high school student. A student may enter by writing a poem, essay and/or musical piece. See high school counselors for criteria.

ATOD Awareness Slogan Contest

. The contest will run from May 1-15, 2023.

Concerned Citizens Coalition

  • Drug-Free School Zones: Drug-Free School Zone signs is a national effort to deter the sale of drugs to children and youth. The U.S. Congress passed a law in 1988 and Wisconsin passed a parallel law in 1989 which indicated that an increase of five years imprisonment for anyone attempting to deal drugs within 1,000 feet of a public park, swimming pool, youth center, community center, and public or private schools. In 1990, the Concerned Citizens Coalition initiated the project throughout Kenosha County. The signs are sponsored by the Coalition, in cooperation with the ֱ. All schools and youth organizations may request a sign.
  • Red Ribbon Campaign: The National Red Ribbon Campaign is celebrating its 29th anniversary this year throughout Kenosha County. The red ribbon began as a symbol of hope for people taking a stand against illegal drugs and the misuse of legal drugs. The annual Kenosha County Red Ribbon Campaign is a jointly sponsored event between the Coalition and the ֱ’s Community School Relations Program. For additional information on the history of the Red Ribbon campaign, refer to .
  • Teen Task Force: A group of adolescents that promote healthy choices and drug-free lifestyles. This group provides activities, community service projects, and peer-to-peer mentoring for youth throughout Kenosha County.
  • Youth and Family Activity Guide: A Kenosha County area resource guide for families and residents of the county. The guide provides information on different volunteer opportunities, events, and resources that occur throughout the year.